Who we are

MOBILE AIR DIVING                   –                   ROV INSPECTION

Applying a wealth of expertise and know-how UCO, provides clients with a comprehensive range of underwater inspection and intervention solutions.

UCO is the only inshore diving company in the North East of Scotland which owns and operates its own ROV’s. This enables the client to access not only the most cost effective but also safest form of underwater intervention for the task in hand, be it a quick mobilization, ship hull inspection, or longer term construction activity.


UCO take safety seriously, our divers and ROV personnel are fully trained and highly experienced professionals, backed by a fully documented, ISO certified, quality management system.

It’s not just safety, its practical; if we are safe, our clients are safe too.


Underwater Contracting provides a range of ROVs to suit a wide range of applications.

…And introducing the new Foover