SAAB Seaeye Falcon – Inspection Class ROV System

This is one of our current ROVs in operation at UCO.
The well established ROV from the innovative engineering team at SAAB has been at the forefront of inspection class ROVS, known for it’s reliability and high performance.
The UCO capabilities stated can be altered to align with the work scope required from the client.


  • 300m maximum depth rating
  • Maximum payload – 14kg
  • Weight in air – 60kg
  • Maximum 450m umbilical – low drag Dual video output
  • Variable intensity, 6400 lumens of LED lighting
  • Auto heading, depth, compass and rate gyro
  • Single phase A/C power input – auto selecting universal 100 – 270 VAC at 2.8KW
  • Connection into standardised 13A socket
  • High resolution colour camera on 180° tilt platform
  • Dual video output

  • Portable distributed intelligence control system with video overlay and daylight readable display
  • Integral system diagnostics
  • Magnetically coupled brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback – 4 vectored and 1 vertical thruster
  • Thrust forward – 50kgf
  • Thrust lateral – 28kgf
  • Thrust vertical – 13kgf
  • Forward speed > 3 knots
  • 50kgf thrust with 1:1 power to weight ratio
  • Portable and simplistic setup with fully equipped van
  • Modular and flexible design

  • Platform Inspections:
    – Reconnaissance missions
    – Recovery of suspect package
  • Marine Growth Maintenance
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • FiGS CP Survey
  • Marinas Inspections
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Mooring Inspections
  • Search and Recovery
  • Harbour Surveys
  • Diver Observation and Support
  • Hull and Propeller inspections
  • Film Production
  • Aquaculture:
    – Fish Farm inspections
    – Fish Farm maintenance