The Foover – An ROV Tool for the Aquaculture Industry

UCO have developed a unique ROV based system – The Foover – for the daily recovery of morts in the fish faming industry. The system has been developed over 12 months and has now completed over 1000 dives in commercial operation in Scottish waters. A patent for the Foover has been applied for which we believe to be an industry first.
The system has been deployed in varying environmental conditions from calm sheltered waters to those with high tidal variation and strong current . The Foover has overcome high tides and currents recovering morts in Shetland and has proven that it can operate in the most challenging of sea states recovering 5kg fish.

The Foover consists of a collection system and an ROV. The spread is easily installed onboard typical workboats with a deck foot print of less than 3 metres square. The compact system controls can be easily located in the wheelhouse. The Foover is deployed and recovered from the pen using the workboat crane.

The Foover Benefits:

  • A safe and reliable tool for the recovery of morts which can be used on a daily basis.
  • Improved pen habitat.
  • The Foover is highly mobile in the pens and can provide video confirmation as to the collection of all existing morts.
  • No fixed structures required to be installed in the pens.
  • Wrasse and Lumpfish friendly
  • Quick operating cycle of circa 6 mins.
  • A 10 pen site in 25 metres of water with an average amount of morts can be rendered mort free in under 3 hours.
  • The ROV can be used for tasks other than Foovering, such as underwater survey, inspection, sampling and measurement.
  • Cost effective and can operate 24 hours a day.
  • Vastly Reduces Corporate Liability for Diving operations in the UK