Predator – Inspection Class ROV System

The flagship ROV for UCO offering services nationwide to a number of different industries.
Currently we have two predators in our arsenal with resounding success thus far.
The UCO capabilities stated can be aligned to meet the requirements of the client.


  • 300m maximum depth rating
  • Maximum Payload – 10Kg
  • Weight in air – 80kg
  • Umbilical – 100m (300m option available)
  • Cable reel (hand operated) and 10m deck lead
  • Hand controller
  • Comes with topside control box, recording facility
  • Sophisticated diagnostics available via internet connection
  • Minimum AC input voltage – 200V
  • Maximum AC input voltage – 240V
  • Dual video output
  • Sonar tritech sea prince
  • Portable system with fully equipped van
  • Modular and flexible design
  • High performance and reliability


  • Platform Inspections:
    • Reconnaissance missions
    • Recovery of suspect package
  • Marine Growth Maintenance
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • FiGS CP Survey
  • Marinas Inspections
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Mooring Inspections
  • Search and Recovery
  • Harbour Surveys
  • Diver Observation and Support
  • Hull and Propeller inspections
  • Film Production
  • Aquaculture:
    • Fish Farm inspections
    • Fish Farm maintenance