A wealth of Aquaculture experience

The UCO team have been involved in Aquaculture from the early deployment of fish farms across Scotland. This experience is where the idea for the Foover evolved when diving in multiple cages. The establishment of UCO allowed the idea to be refined into the current patented system, which is in operation around multiple sites in Scotland and overseas regions.   

The desire to improve the wider safety culture and increase the use of technology has allowed the evolution of UCO and industry as a whole, where ROV operations have reduced the need for diving. 

Patented Technology

UCO are the sole provider of the patented FOOVER Mortality Recovery System. The system is proven in the field, having completed some 200,000+ dives. It is the only system capable of positive confirmation of mortality recovery, providing a visual guarantee and recordable video of the operations being performed, aiding the management of fish health and welfare. 

The company continues to invest in R&D to develop new technologies for the Aquaculture industry, with the aim of improving efficiency, safety and technological advancement. 

We work with you, to keep you operational

Our team of trained Technicians, Operators and Support personnel are on hand to support your Aquaculture operations. The company hold an extensive spares inventory and operates a rapid response remote support capability. 

Whether you are self operating equipment, or utilising one of our specialist operators, you can be assured of the highest quality support and service. 

Our areas of expertise

ROV Services

• Removal of all mortalities safely and effectively with
visual confirmation and recording facility
• Specialist equipment available to deal with event mortalities
• Use of the Patented FOOVER system
• Self operated or manned units
• Range of basket sizes

• Net inspection
• Full visual inspection of stocked pens and predator nets
• Video Recording for verification and historical referencing
• Assessment of net cleanliness and problem area identification
• ROV deployable Patch system
• Range of sizes
• Flexible with robust fixtures
• Cost effective solution

• High pressure Cleaning system
• Cleaning of Feed pipes, Hamster wheel, Net corners and Mooring systems
• Hull and Structural cleaning
• Ideal for ongoing  Subsea maintenance

• Inspection, Survey and maintenance activities
• Video recording and position system available, full reporting capability
• General Visual Inspection of boats, barges and pontoon structures
• Visual Seabed Surveys suitable for SEPA / SNH reporting on new and existing sites.
• Visual support and operation of grab sampling programmes.

HP Pumps /  Washers

• Exclusive provider of UK manufacturer Pump systems
• Proven for use in Aquaculture
• Pump capacities up to 500Bar

• General Fish Farm cleaning
• Range of sizes, lances and nozzle configurations
• Fully Enclosed or Trolley mount
• Marine Grade Stainless Steel construction

•  Unique High pressure Cleaning system
• Removal of soft and hard marine growth
• Removes the need to lift collars for cleaning, improving safety
• Ideal for ongoing maintenance
• Portable system, can be operated from a small vessel

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