UCO provide equipment and ROV services for a range of  aspects associated with the Renewable Energy Industry. Utilising our industry experience in Offshore Wind, Tidal and wave projects, the UCO team are well versed in the needs of the market. 

The UCO ROV systems are compact units, capable of a wide range of activities subsea, including inspection, observation, cleaning and testing.

Deployable from a range of vessels, including CTV, workboats, SOV, Offshore Construction Vessels and other vessels of opportunity the ROVs can be mobilised in a short time frame, and deployed from a small crane. 

Extending our capabilities, UCO hold an exclusive agency agreement for the provision of bespoke specification HP WaterJet pump systems, designed for use in the offshore / marine environment. 

Our areas of expertise

• General Visual Inspection (GVI)
• Site Surveys
• Observation
• Installation support
• Cable monitoring
• Scour monitoring

• HP Water Jet systems
• Technician and support Services
• Rental and sales 

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