UCO Launches NetFIX

Read the coverage of our NetFIX Repair solution in the latest edition of Fish Farmer Magazine.

NetFIX provides a solution to maintain net integrity in cases of damage or predator impact.

The new solution is one of the Aquaculture tools developed by UCO to reduce cost, improve safety and reduce operational risk on fish farms by minimising the reliance on divers.
UCO’s ROV deployed NetFIX requires a single operator and can be deployed
easily from a workboat. It provides a secure, flat patch to maintain net integrity. It allows net cleaners to continue to operate and gives time for Site Operators to plan a permanent repair.

UCO are a Scottish Company, providing Global coverage in Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Services. The company developed the Patented FOOVER Mortality Recovery system.

Link to the Magazine is here:

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